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Backpack Health & StickyJ Medical ID

Link your or your loved ones’ important health info to the accessories of your choice

Purchase Your StickyJ Medical ID

Your health information can go with you in even more ways than in your phone or on a wallet card. Choose from StickyJ’s huge selection of Medical IDs, each with a unique URL that you’ll use to connect to Backpack Health.

Browse StickyJ Medical IDs

Register with Backpack Health

Any information you include on your Backpack Health Emergency Share Card will be accessible through the unique URL on your medical ID—even files.

Step-by-step Instructions

Access Your Emergency Info

When emergency medical personnel check your medical ID they’ll be able to quickly access all of your important information from any device or browser—they’ll even be able to translate that information to multiple languages.

Backpack in an Emergency

Your info is there for you and others when it needs to be while also staying safe. Learn more about how we protect your privacy and keep your data secure.