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Digital Caregiver Platforms Collaborate to Improve Understanding of Patients and Their Needs

Backpack Health & MemoryWell’s tools educate caregivers with patients’ personal stories and health data to improve care

Washington, DC and Dover, MA – May 1, 2019 – MemoryWell and Backpack Health, LLC have entered a partnership offering caregivers access to each organization’s digital platforms, providing information to assist with and enhance care. MemoryWell’s platform helps patients tell and share their stories with family and caregivers, while Backpack’s health data management tool provides access to critical health information, enabling both families and caregivers to better understand the individuals under their care.

“As anyone who has cared for a family member knows, managing the health of a loved one can be very challenging,” said Jay Newton-Small, CEO of MemoryWell. “This partnership grew out of a common vision to help overburdened caregivers. Though we approach the problem from different angles – MemoryWell through stories to build understanding and empathy, and Backpack Health by giving caregivers much needed digital tools via their mobile app – our missions are the same.”

MemoryWell’s digital platform connects professional writers with families, senior living communities and home care providers to replace burdensome intake questionnaires with brief, intimate stories. These portraits help tell a patient’s story, building empathy and helping caregivers better understand the individuals under their care. Focused on improving quality of care rather than quantity, these narratives, complete with photos, music and videos, tell the stories of people who often can’t speak for themselves.

Backpack Health’s mobile and cloud-based app helps people with chronic, serious, and rare health concerns, and those who care for them, better manage their health journeys. Backpack Health empowers patients and their caregivers to be effective personal health historians by making it easy to access, own, and control personal health information. Just like a real backpack, the portable, multi-lingual app allows users to carry around what matters most – their comprehensive medical information and documents and those of their loved ones – in one central location.

Through this partnership, MemoryWell and Backpack Health will promote and help educate the families with whom they work about one another’s solutions and the benefits they provide. MemoryWell’s stories can help inform care on Backpack’s app, giving caregivers more tools to engage the one for whom they’re caring.

“Caregivers are overburdened with managing all of the needs of those they care for,” said Jim Cavan, CEO of Backpack Health. “With access to stories and a patient’s medical data, a caregiver feels empathy and understands both the personal side of an individual as well as their medical needs. With information comes empowerment, and we see MemoryWell as a natural partner in our mission to equip caregivers with tools to help improve quality of care.”

About Memory Well

MemoryWell is a digital platform for elder storytelling. Our network of nearly 700 professional writers works with families, senior living communities and home care providers to replace burdensome intake questionnaires with brief, intimate stories. MemoryWell's portraits build empathy and are poignant keepsakes for families.

MemoryWell grew out of founder Jay Newton-Small's experience with her father, who was living with Alzheimer's disease. When Jay moved him into a senior living community, she was asked to fill out a long, generic questionnaire about his life. This made no sense to her: who would remember pages of hand-written data points for 150+ residents? Instead, as a longtime TIME Magazine journalist she wrote his story for his caregivers and it transformed his life. The stories we create are available on our digital platform for families to share and add to, and they can also be printed out to make for easy offline use. MemoryWell is the first startup focused on improving the quality of care in a market too obsessed with quantity.

About Backpack Health

Backpack Health, LLC builds secure, innovative information tools to help people manage their health journey – including wellness, illnesses, injuries, and chronic health conditions. The Backpack Health mission is to make it easy for everyone to access, own and control their health information to support better health care and attain better health for themselves, their loved ones and their communities. Backpack Health provides a platform for organizations to engage patients, collect up-to-date data and build communities around the globe. To assure data protection for its users’ information, Backpack Health complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), adheres to its data protection principles, participates in the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks and does not share any user data with third parties, including social media companies. Learn more at