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All your health information, always on hand.

With Backpack Health, you can bring all the bits and pieces of scattered health information together into one coherent, truly portable system – and it’s organized and owned by you, the one person it impacts most.

  • Search a comprehensive dictionary of clinical and everyday health terms to build your Backpack Health profile. You can use whatever terminology you’re most comfortable with to input your conditions, symptoms, medications, treatments, therapies, procedures and vaccinations. It’s simple, secure and designed by you.
  • Add medical documents, dental records, imaging studies, notes, videos and audio files to complete the picture. There’s plenty of space for everything from your X-Rays to your selfies – up to 50GB. It’s your story, so tell it your way.
  • Access your info on the web, and from your iPhone or Android device – even without an internet connection.

Available on iPhone, Android and web
$2.99/month or $29.99/year
Free 7 day trial