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Feel the pulse of your patient community.

Backpack Health’s enterprise and community tools allows foundations, drug and device developers and advocacy groups to easily collect up-to-date data from patients.

Your patients and their families benefit from our unique approach to data collection. Patients grow their own health information as they engage with you – simultaneously contributing to research and their day-to-day care.

  • Reduced participant fatigue = better participation
  • Real world data = assists in setting realistic expectations and improving outcomes
  • Patient education = better compliance
  • Multi-lingual = global reach

Contact us to find out more about Backpack Health for your organization — [email protected]

Engage Communities

Backpack Health allows for unprecedented patient engagement, with dynamic communication with patients and their care circles, based upon specific data indications (conditions, medications, quality of life indications, etc.). Backpack Health provides an environment for user-built communities, created from shared experiences and support systems.

  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Surveys
  • Natural History Data
  • Population Studies
  • Newsletters
  • Education
  • Fundraising

Collect Data

Consented, pseudonymized, aggregated data is of significant benefit to researchers, drug developers and foundations.

  • Homogeneous multi-lingual data = multiple markets with a single effort
  • Dashboard-style portal = real time data understanding
  • Data is downloadable to multiple statistical formats for advanced analysis = real-time, cost effective access

Manage Cost

  • Scalable, low-risk pricing
  • No data transfer, API or access fees
  • Secure, customizable, and no surprise fees

Organizations with limited budgets can utilize a cost-free option that will allow them to create a community and build value.

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